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DecemburritoDecember 2013
Updated Tuesday, December 31, 2013. For the last time.

1000 burritos reviewed and mustache-rated all around the City and County of San Francisco, California. One thousand burritos.

And that's all he wrote. Thank you, goodnight.

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December Taqueria Visit
12/7: The final stop on our Autumn 2013 Farewell Tour. The top-rated burrito of the year. One of the highest-rated burritos on Burritoeater record. No gristle! Ladies and gentlemen: La Espiga de Oro.

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The End of Mustaches

It's true: After ten years on the San Francisco taqueria beat, will no longer be regularly updated as of December 2013. We're out to hit the 1000-review plateau...and once we do, it's curtains.

Don't look like that; don't be sad. Celebrate! Celebrate the end of an era that's been rife with cast-aside aluminum foil, oblique recollections of lunch, and of course, mustaches.

(We'll continue to update our iPhone app, Burritoeater's Top 30 San Francisco Taquerias. Buy with confidence!)

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We Said It

"We said we wanted an extra spicy burrito, not a trip to California Pacific's burn unit."
--> Gordo Taq. (Clement), 11/30/2011
NovemburritoNovember 2013
November Taqueria Visits
11/30: It's championship-caliber carnitas and heavy mustaches at Taq. Vallarta on 24th St.
11/25: 2012 Slab Scrum champ Taq. Can-cĂșn (Mission/Valencia edition) should fare better than 7.83 mustaches. But it doesn't.
11/20: After years of striking far more exciting poses in the San Francisco taqueria family photo, La Fonda assumes the dead-boring good-dancer / firm-handshake look.
11/11: A shadow of its former 9.42-mustache self, the fajita burrito at The Little Chihuahua (Lower Haight edition) still holds intangible charm.
11/9: You don't come to Gordo Taq. on Clement for killer meats, perfect rice, or the finest pico de gallo around. You come for the best sucker-punch ensemble of ingredients in town. At least we do.
11/6: Our 8.09-mustache chile relleno slab at Taq. El Farolito on Mission/24th cheeses our panel right off. Hot bites and late drips also occur.
OctoburritoOctober 2013
October Taqueria Visits

10/31: Papalote on Fulton comes up uncharacteristically drab on Halloween Day; many shrugs ensue.
10/22: To hell with diplomacy: Our final La Taqueria burrito is a total travesty.
10/18: It's about time one of the pitstops on this illustrious farewell tour of ours kicks down a nine-mustache colossus. El Burrito Express on Divisadero comes through.
10/13: It's 8.50 mustaches of slabular satisfaction at Gordo Taq. on 9th Ave. But you probably expected that. (We certainly did.)
10/9: Papalote on 24th St. sets our farewell tour's course right. Of course it does.
10/6: By misguidedly prioritizing compostability over burstage abatement, once-noble / now-ghastly Taq. La Cumbre becomes even more of a disturbing punchline.
SeptemburritoSeptember 2013
September Taqueria Visits

9/30: Usually a reliably anchored tugboat in our eight-mustache harbor, Cuco's erratically drifts away on choppy seven-mustache seas.
9/28: One of our favorite dark-horse slabshops the city over, La Laguna Taq. in the Bayview, mildly disappoints us with a phone-it-in effort.
9/15: Tacos San Buena on Harrison brings our farewell tour to a shrugnificent pause.
9/9: Things turn saucy in our latest Q&A-style Tacobar review.
9/7: We begin our farewell tour at Taq. El Castillito on Church, where the al pastor means as much business as it ever did.

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