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Burrito Hullaballoo!June 2013
Eight Years, Long Time

June marks the eighth anniversary of the Web presence of San Francisco's Top Resource for Taquerias and Mustaches, Fresh horchatas all around!

(Did you know Burritoeater existed as an e-newsletter as early as 2003? Well, it did. Alright.)

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2013 Extendo-Hiatus

If you're looking for updates to the Blargh, we hope you can find it in your heart to forgive us -- our dedicated panel of judge-doofuses will be on leave through September or so.

But! Once autumn arrives with all its colorful foliage draped along Polk Gulch, its evocative dustings of snow atop Bernal Hill, and its dull grunts and odious belches of American football enthusiasts spilling out of taverns citywide, we shall return for our uncompromising assault on the 1000-review plateau. Oh yes.

Until then, kindly hold the damn fort willya.
May There Be SlabsMay 2013
May Taqueria Visits

5/31: Our clanger of a slab-lunch at Taq. Los Coyotes drags us through a fretful zero-choogle zone.
5/28: Tacos Club. $10.75. 6.83 mustaches. And it's called Tacos Club. Enough said.
5/21: Meet the new boss, La Frontera Taq. Pretty much the same as the old boss, Ocean Taq.
5/15: You could certainly do worse than Zona Rosa...but you could also do a hell of a lot better.
Slab in the FaceApril 2013
April Taqueria Visits

4/15: Our panel enjoys 8.50 mustaches of mighty tasty widemouth slabular consumption at San Pancho's on Bayshore.
4/9: It's eight steady-truckin' mustaches at El Tonayense at Harrison and 17th.
4/5: El Faro on 1st St. cooks up one of San Francisco's finest specialty breakfast slabs, but you'll have to look left of the old taqueria's main menu to find it.
4/3: We choose our own salsa-poison at Tacos El Paisano and live to write about it.
Our Onslaught Lurches ForthMarch 2013
March Taqueria Visits

3/29: A potential hellraiser of a burrito at Taq. Can-cĂșn on Mission at 19th turns out to just raise a bunch of heck.
3/25: Newish Bayshore slabwagon Tacos El Triunfo emerges triumphant.
3/19: Metronomic eight-mustache consistency perseveres at Cuco's.
3/13: The Little Chihuahua on Valencia isn't up to snuff on our first visit.

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