the Intestinal Apocalypse Monthly Apparel Bazaar Apparel Bazaar
All colors! All sizes! All sold out! All the time! Really sorry.

Orange T-shirt (sold out)
$15 postpaid

Chocolate T-shirt (sold out)
$9 postpaid

Gold/Navy Ringer T-shirt (sold out)
$9 postpaid

Pink T-shirt (sold out)
$9 postpaid

White T-shirt (sold out)
$8 postpaid

Black Long-Sleeve T-shirt (sold out)
$9 postpaid

Gold T-shirt (sold out)
$9 postpaid

Black Sleeveless T-shirt (sold out)
$8 postpaid


Kindly note that mustaches play a significant design role in our line of casual apparel.

All prices include first-class domestic shipping. Live outside the States? Contact our apparel division and we'll arrange something.

Each T-shirt order ships with small shards of aluminum foil wrap culled from actual burritos rated by Burritoeater's famously cantankerous judges panel. Own a few pieces of history, today!

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