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Tortilla Flats MissionOMR: 7.46
2000 Bryant
cross street: 18th St.
ph. 415/821-7840
Map Visits: 2
Non-taqueria nestled in a quiet region of the Mission nevertheless features both morning and afternoon-style burritos. Also on the menu: burgers and sandwiches. Sadly, no doughnuts. Breakfast available. Closed evenings and weekends.

Will My Health Be Violated?

05/18/05Breakfast (Bacon)$5.447.46 Mustaches
Big, bland food. Tortilla Flats may produce one of the few breakfast burritos in town that includes rice, but such completeness still couldn’t help this stout, early-day slab get beyond its own creeping mediocrity. The problem here was just as much about what wasn’t on hand – flavor, for starters – as what was. The beans were pinto’d up to high heaven, while the guacamole we specially requested became more of a bummer with every bite on that side of the burrito. Yes, that side – not matter how long we waited for the ingredient mix to settle, it never did. On the bright side, the bacon was tasty and well-chopped (if shamefully under-represented), while plentiful jalapeño kicked the spice rating up a notch or two, and the whole thing was sauced and cheesed nicely. And surprisingly, unwarm bites weren’t an issue, given the sketchy mix. But those eggs...those beans...ah, flavor's overrated these days anyway.
08/29/03Super Carne Asada$5.296.00 Mustaches
We plonked down a good $5.29 here, and what did we get splatted down in return? A smallish slab devoid of propulsive flavor - or for that matter, anything else that could vaguely be termed “super.” Total embarrassment was avoided due to smokin'-hot-to-the-touch tortilla and some reasonable vegetable components. We neatly filed it on the dry side of our ledger and quietly moved on.