Charles Hodgkins
Founder/Editor, to Reach 500-Review Milestone This Summer
San Francisco, California, July 18, 2007 –, regarded by savvy San Franciscans as the city’s top resource for crucial information on local taquerias, is set to publish its 500th San Francisco burrito review shortly. Just how shortly, according to site point person / figurehead Beano Cook, is anyone’s guess.

“It happens when it happens, alright?” remarks Cook, site founder/editor Charles Hodgkins’ cantankerous Web alter-ego. “Certain readers have been submitting guesses as to when and where the subject of the 500th review will be served, and I’m getting irritated by all the hype. This isn’t the Giants’ clubhouse. There’s nothing clear nor creamy in anyone’s locker here.” When reminded that readers were invited by’s Chief of Marketing to submit such entries, Cook brusquely responded, “I’m the straw that stirs the 32 oz. horchata around here. Our site’s marketers are clueless mouth-breathers.” is not a community-driven site, and neither solicits nor accepts submissions by guest reviewers. Rather, each review is written by Hodgkins, a Web veteran who is also the site’s producer and photographer. Hodgkins began his San Francisco taqueria research in 2003, and launched the site two years later.

Cook - a character who, according to his own bio, revels in putting the “asc” in “irascible” – bristles at the belief that is a just another food blog. “How many blogs have 200 Web pages of original content? How many blogs blast a meticulously crafted monthly newsletter to over a thousand subscribers? How many blogs have a dedicated map page, for crying out loud? How many blogs employ a complete wanker like me? Sure, there are bloggish aspects to the site – mainly, the Blargh on the main page, which is updated several times monthly – but calling a blog is like calling Mitsubishi a TV company. What about those microwaves? Those cars? Those forklifts? Come on.”

Experts predict the site will publish its 500th review in early/mid-August, but Cook has his sights set well beyond this milestone. “However many home runs that flaxseed oil-rubbing sourpuss over in China Basin ends up with by the time he limps off to his Beverly Hills compound, I want to squash that number in reviews.” In a reverential nod to Japanese home run king Sadaharu Oh, who belted 868 round-trippers over his storied career, Cook adds, “Perhaps I’ll be OK with 850. But who really knows? I could go for 3000.” tracks the number of reviews published at the top of the Blargh, on the site’s main page. As of July 16, 492 reviews have been published.

ABOUT BURRITOEATER.COM: is San Francisco’s top resource for taquerias and mustaches. The site uses its proprietary 10-Mustache Scale™ to rate 13 criteria of San Francisco burritos, from basics such as size and temperature to subtleties like ingredient mix and burstage abatement. Taqueria descriptions, detailed burrito reviews, links to maps and lists of health code violations, and photographs are posted on each taqueria’s individual page. Since its 2005 launch, has been featured in San Francisco Chronicle Magazine, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, Gelf Magazine, Mission Dispatch, SFist, and on more blogs and Web sites than there are taquerias in San Francisco. Site founder/editor Charles Hodgkins has also written feature pieces for San Francisco Bay Guardian and national culture magazine Synthesis. All content is published by the Exploding Head Trick Publishing Co.